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Great game, though it is a bit unclear on how to unlock the new things I really enjoyed this game. Sad that it was discontinued.


This is too good of a game too be true. Kept me entertained for a long time. I want too know if you will ever expand this game. 

Like including features such as making the players explore more and stuff, 

I only wish the best for you.

We've thought about continuing the game! All of our time goes to our main project, Swords 'n Magic and Stuff (available on Steam), so it would be a side project if we continue it.

can you come in the other player mmo's?

this game is soo good for a game jam game!

my only problem is that there arnt enough desert themed things

The game is absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to see more and hope this game gets more content, left a follow and keep it up!!! =D

Hey! We just watched through your playthrough. So glad you are loving the game! This game isn't an Early Access game, it was made in 7 days for our community game jam. While we had plenty of more ideas for it, we were limited on time. I made all the art and my husband did all of the programming. Make sure to zoom into all your towns to see all the quests mobs spawn!

my bad on that :p wonderful game though! Kinda wish it was early access though it woulda been a great game to see more content into with more added it woulda been a game id have spent money on xD still though great job!

Thank you! We've been considering continuing the game, but it would be a side project to our main project. We actually have a game released on Steam in early access that we work on full time (called Swords 'n Magic and Stuff). 


cute lookin game :3