A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game created by me and my Twitch chat in somewhere around 20 hours for the @[root] sponsored game jam! 

Enter to win a $250 Steam giftcard here: http://bit.ly/CodingGiveawayTwitch

Grab your milk gun and toilet paper grappling attachment and start exploring the Rootiverse! The Rootiverse is the inner workings of a video game and today, everything is going wrong. A glitch in the code has broken apart one of the bytes that hold the world together, scattering the bits around the fragmented Rootiverse. It's up to you to save them, learn their unique abilities, and use these abilities to explore further into the world.

Watch live development on Twitch

Join the Kindred Games Discord to chat about the game


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look

Spacebar - Jump

Abilities are listed on-screen as they're unlocked

Install instructions

Unzip the GetDotRoot.zip file and double click the GetDotRoot.exe file.


GetDotRoot v1.0.4 405 MB

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