Update v1.0.2

Just updated Isabelle to v1.0.2

This update fixes several bugs including:

Books spinning on one axis bug, books disappearing through the floor, missing skull spotlight on some playthroughs, extra dark lighting, extra loud audio at points, fixed missing door, fixed bug that allowed you to break down doors with planks, fixed creaking noise on doors, increased candle light intensity and attenuation so you can find your way easier, added volume slider, added brightness slider, added polish details including sun rays and dust particles. 

If your playthrough was cut short due to bugs or darkness or lackluster gameplay this update is a good time to retry the game. If you finished the game and enjoyed it, this update isn't worth replaying. No new content was added other than some polish and gameplay options in the pause menu.



Isabelle_v1.0.2_Windows.zip 460 MB
Oct 17, 2018

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