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Welcome to the Penguin Pub! A place for all adventuring penguins, new and old to come and eat, drink and be recruited for adventure!

You run the Proud Penguin Tavern. But it's not as simple as running a tavern. Your primary job is to recruit adventuring parties to head out on grand quests. If they make it back successfully, you take a cut for setting them up in the first place. And if recruiting has left your pockets a bit empty, you can still make a bit of cash from the patrons who come to your tavern. But who wants to come to an empty, boring old tavern? Nobody, that's who. Don't forget to spend some of that gold upgrading the place so your visitors leave better tips!

This game was made in 7 days for the Kindred Games Community Game Jam 5.

  • Art and Design - Kitsunne
  • Programming and Design - Kindred
  • Audio - Assorted purchased and free sound and music packs from the internet 
  • Penguin Voices - Kindred

We also work on another game together called Swords 'n Magic and Stuff. Check it out here on Steam and join the community Discord if you feel like chatting about it or other game related things.

Thanks for playing our little game! We put a lot of care into it even though it's a 7 day project. We really love how it turned out and hope you do too. If you'd like to leave feedback for us, please do! 


  • Pick up the gold from the counter when penguins leave the tavern
  • You don't have to send a full party on an adventure, but you make money faster if you do.
  • Upgrading your tavern increases the tips you gain from patrons
  • The more heavily geared a penguin is, the better chances they'll have of surviving an adventure
  • If a penguin's gear matches their class they get a bonus during adventures
  • Seasoned penguins are adventurers who have successfully returned from quests you've sent them on and are stronger now!
  • Use the music box to adjust music and sound effects volumes
  • Find the Hamish secret if you can!
  • Matching penguin classes to the adventure classes treats the adventurers as higher levels, giving them a much better chance of surviving, but you don't have to!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsKindred, Kitsunne
GenreSimulation, Role Playing
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine
Tags2D, 3D, Fantasy, Hand-drawn, Medieval, penguin, tavern, Tycoon
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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did anyone else have an issue with the quality? for me, the screen is very blurry. I cant see any of the numbers for prices, and the symbols and levels on the penguins are very hard to read


10 minutes confusion followed from 20 minutes entertainment, and a bit confusion. ;P

With a shorter downtime or more interactiv possibelity i would play  it more often.

Lovley Artstyle. A great choice for the game.

Any thoughts on why the game looks very blurry/pixelated when I play it to the point where text isn't even readable? I'm on an old Win 7 system. Same has happened with a couple of games before, always Unreal, but no one ever has an idea why or how to fix it. Thanks!

It's to do with the texture streaming. Unreal requires a certain amount of graphics card memory to load textures and I'm guessing you just don't have what it needs. There are ways to optimize that better as a developer, I'm sure. I just didn't take have the time to really dive into it for this since it was for a relatively short game jam. But I kind of suspected that might be a problem for some players, tbh. It's a very texture heavy game and we didn't do a whole lot of optimizing the images we used due to time constraints.

Can I ask what graphics card you have? If you know. 

Sorry your experience wasn't ideal. Maybe I'll look into fixing that and if it's not too much work I'll update it. 

Ah, thank you so much! The game is really cute and a neat idea, so I still had fun with it. The graphics issue didn't ruin it since I knew it was a problem with my decade old computer. It's just that no one has ever been able to tell me why it happens sometimes. Now I know, so much appreciated! I'm not at my PC but I think I have one of the older GTX 500 series.

i have the same issue. just got a brand new laptop with barely any other games on it

Only reason that i played the game is because i love games with unique art styles

The only reason I'm responding to this comment is because I love comments that praise the artstyle of games I helped make.

fantastic game!!

Hi,  I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback with you :), hopefully it's useful to you in any way :D

-The visual style and how it makes the game feel pretty solid is quite remarkable, I really loved it :D.

-The idea of being able to spend money on improving the tavern/pub is quite good as it gives more value to the money you earn .

-The game mechanics are quite good but they actually lack something really important, an in-game tutorial to make them clear to the player.

-Also letting the player know why he failed a mission and didn't get anything from sending someone to do it could be great so if it has been the player's fault it could make it easier to do it right the next time. 

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on more games. Hopefully this is useful for you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


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I work on a game called Swords 'n Magic and Stuff. I'm the lead designer and creator of the game. Penguin Pub here was a game I made for a game jam we do with our community each quarter. It was made in 7 days so I didn't get time to put in things like a tutorial, but I wish I could have and I appreciate all the feedback!

Here's a link to my main project in case you're interested, It's not quite the same type of game, but it is more substantial and it DOES have a tutorial. Lol!  https://store.steampowered.com/app/810040/Swords_n_Magic_and_Stuff

hahaha :D I'll check it out :)

The game is very remarkable! just like the visuals and graphics, it's very successful. But I got bored playing the game and didn't understand.

Lol yeah. The mechanics are kind of odd and difficult to comprehend without playing for a bit. We could have done a better job on that front.

This is honestly so adorable!! The characters all look great, the mechanics all work, and it's just so much fun!! Nicely done!!