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Short game, but was still pretty scary.  The story of Isabelle and witch was also really creepy. Game starts at 8:13

very spoopy 10/10

ISABELLE is a short mild horror game that takes place in the dark caverns. This indie scary game tests your nerves as you find they keys to your own survival. Can you escape the terror before it finds you?

this scared me alot.

I really enjoyed how the book is read. 

Made it feel like I'm actually holding a book open, very clever.

I was intrigued by the storyline and I thoroughly enjoyed this and would love to see the outside!

Also I'm not sure if it's just because it's not done but the candle did nothing o.o

The candle was supposed to give off just enough light to make you want to carry it but still not feel safe. I felt like it did that pretty well.

Also the game is finished and was made in 7 days. I've been considering a sequel but my main project, Swords 'n Magic and Stuff, just had a successful Kickstarter so I'm focusing 100% on that right now. So maybe some day.

I didn’t know what to expect with this game I atmosphere and sounds were great I didn’t know you could read the book at first 😂 but still enjoyed it. Start @ 21:43

Like others have said I wish there's more to this game.  Really well done for something put together in such a short time. I'm following your Sword 'n Magic And Stuff project my dude keep it up!

This is really good! i hope you keep working on it! And if you do then it would be really nice if you added a option to read the books with regular text, anyways great job and have a good day!

I played your game and had fun. I just wish there was more to it.

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Hey! A few months ago I played your game! I really enjoyed it! The story was really good and enjoyable, the atmosphere was great! I felt like the witch could come around any corner! The scares got me pretty good too!

I also made a little video about it! :)

(It was one of my first horror video's so the quality is a bit lower than my recent video's).

Nice game atmosphere was fantastic looking forward to seeing what you do next :)

Thank you for the experience! 

Is there a post without a youtube video?

A nice and short game keep it up and hope your next project get loads of attention. 

Really impressed by this game! Very creepy! Hard to believe that you guys made this is 7 days. Awesome job! 

Great job! Awesome Game! The storytelling is amazing, the graphics and the averall game! I hope you continue this story! Congrats! I Really liked it! 

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy.

Good Game man !!

love the atmosphere !!
here's my gameplay btw:

I love the atmosphere and story. I want ,more please!

Expect a chapter 2 this Halloween.

Great game! This was awesome! Had a lot of fun and loved how beautiful the assets were. Hope you enjoy the video!


Those doors had me nervous! 

Thanks for the fun :D!

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 A short horror game thats well made! Defo check it out for a quick scare.

Gave the game a shot...

A nice creepy vibe during the entire game. My favorite part was definitely the shadow though. Would love too see more games from you!

Keep up the good work :)

I played this game for a 3 random horror games video, and the game isn’t bad. At the time of playing I thought it was very short and nothing special, but the fact (I later found out) that this was made for a jam and uses all its own assets makes it very impressive. Good job, I hope you keep making games! 

Here’s the video for anyone interested: 

Nice short horror game ....Keep up the good work ....

I really liked it, especially the ending.

Creepiest Environment :(((((

Una buena manera de contar una historia, genial.

Al aire libreAl aire libre


One of the best horror games I've ever played.  Really scared me to death.

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Really enjoyed it, the sound design was amazing!

So much creep.

More much please. ;P

It was definitely something lol. The atmosphere was tense, but no real monster or real scares, so can't give it too much praise but here ya go ppl of the net! 

Never been so afraid of a book in ma life.. My body was moist after this one XD

This game was a great little taste of the potential of its developer. The atmosphere, the sounds, the scares everything was well thought out and paced. Especially considering this was made in a game jam. This was a really fun little horror game and  I can't wait to see what other things this developer makes in the future. 

Pretty solid for a short game jam. I dig that you livestream all the development too. I felt like it was a little padded out at times with the distance between objectives (mainly because you couldn't run). The spooky hints leading up to the finale were well done. My favorite thing (which wasn't even related to the story) was the physics while holding objects. Being able to fling things around or spin them was just very entertaining and rarely seen in indie games. I filmed a bit of my time with it and put it together if anyone is interested in hearing more. Best of luck with your future projects!

I liked the atmosphere and graphics look nice.

Sorry for skipping the story, I didn't know I had to read the books,  my bad


Hey there, I just recently played through your game and wanted to write up a short review here sharing my thoughts on it. I'll just go over some things I liked, some things I didn't and any bugs I might have run into.

I'll start with what I liked. The game looks pretty good, the textures are sharp and the lighting is fairly well done, the character model for the witch is creepy though a little odd looking in terms of quality. The sound design is very well put together, the laughing and cackling of the witch echoing throughout the caves was incredibly unnerving especially as you get further and further in and the sounds used at specific trigger points sent shivers down my spine at times. The atmosphere of the game is constructed well, at first it leads you in with this somewhat bright open area and then later showers you in pure darkness shortly after showing you the witch, the game is definitely spooky and the atmosphere and the way things are presented/structured plays a big role in that.

I'll now go over some things I didn't like. The controls felt clunky and unintuitive at times, this was mostly in regards to reading the journals, as shown in the beginning of my video I had somewhat of a hard time figuring out how to actually keep them open. Another thing that I didn't really like was how the progression of "rooms" was pretty well identical every time; get a scare of some sort, find a key, open door, repeat, it isn't really that bad and I can't fault it too much considering the game was made in 7 days, I just found it tedious. Lastly, I didn't like how I could only carry one item at a time, now just because I didn't like doesn't mean this is actually a bad idea, being forced to take a key back through darkness to open a door is interesting and would have been the perfect opportunity to really scare the player.

Happy to report that I didn't run into any game breaking bugs throughout my time with the game.

Overall it was a pretty good experience, visuals, sound and atmosphere are all on an above standard level. Controls at times were a bit spotty, and some of the level design choices were a bit tedious, but all in all it was a pretty good game, with some decent spooks.

Hope you don't mind but I made a let's play video of my time with the game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,


Fun game, pretty scary. 

Witches get a bad rep in horror. Everyone is trying to subvert them - but every now and then, someone makes the classic tropes work, proving they are classic for a reason.

Isabelle was an awesomely spooky little experience (the floating skulls bit in particular got me good). Might make for a good concept for a bigger game, considering all teh crazy things witches are known for doing.

I played it here among a ton of other games for my big Halloween event - find your time code in the video description! And thank you kindly for the experience!

Absolutely loved the atmosphere you should make this into a full indie game!  

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