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I played this game a few days ago and forgot to post it here. This game was awesome. I enjoyed playing it for this month of Halloween. Hope to see more in the future

Not bad to say it was made by one person in a few days! Good job!

Thank you for the game. I really admired the high quality visuals and lightning but was confused about what was going on tbh. Totally forgivable since it was only made in a week. Here is my playthrough on Twitch.

Not a bad game. I for one was scared the whole time!! I like the story i just wish there was a little more to it than going fr start to finish. But otherwise a good game. Well done.

Isabelle sends her love. Hopefully we will get to visit with her again...soon. 



I gave it a play. It was not bad. Personally i found the spooks slightly lacking, but that is probably just me, being me.

While I, personally, remain unaffected by the spooks in Isabelle, I still find it to be a solid piece of work and could easily recommend it to anyone getting into horror games. The dark solitude felt while wandering alone in a strange place is presented well through the sparse lighting of the cave and the ambient sounds heard throughout. Some of the spooky moments, while a bit predictable, were well done in terms of timing and animation quality. Overall, this was very well done for something done in a week, and I could see it easily made into something more given some time. 

Good job, dev.

Was a good time! I enjoyed it ! opening and holding the books was a tad weird but still good! 

cool scares and fun gameplay it got my skin crawling here is my playthrough 

It's impressive that this game has only been made in 7 days!

There should be more games like this made. Loved the atmosphere of the game as well as the visuals. Got to be one of the most fufilling atmospheric horrors I have played so far. The lore, the scene, everything has been well thought out and for it to be made in 7 days is astonishing. Pretty awesome for a game jam game. The only thing I wish from this game is that it was a lot longer because you had such a good premise and setting for the game. I go into a lot more detail in my video. Hope to here your thoughts on what I said in the video and I hope to see a lot more of your work. Great game. 

Loved these little quick horror games!

I liked the claustrophobic feeling.

Really interesting story! Atmosphere was really creepy lol the noises really got me. Great game! 

The atmosphere was really good. Really looking forward to what you do next 

Made a video

THE WITCH IS HERE!! | Isabelle

this game was awesome!! :D really really freaky! but amazing! great job on making this game! :D 

The update absolutely blew my mind! :O

Had a blast playing this, was short but short and sweet, got a few chill inducing vibes! I LOVE the ambient noises weird most folk freak out at that but I actually enjoy it!

super fun game like the idea of the witch and how you waited tell the end to show her really scary cant wait for more!!

can i run this GAME in my 4GB RAM PC ??

Give it a shot and let me know. Lol

A really well made game. Graphics and the sounds were spot on and the ending was superb. The lighting really added to the atmosphere too. A really good job on this... :)

Very cool horror game!  

A pretty scary game, I enjoyed this one.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

A good, short, but good little horror adventure

Was pretty nice in terms of ambience. Missed sound effects for the planks and the candles and sometimes books would glitch through the floor, when dropped (on other things), but overall pretty enjoyable experience :D


I'm working on an update to fix the book glitch, among other things. Though the sound effects will probably wait for the next chapter. Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it.


The game definitely gave a sense of mystery to the whole story. I like that.

Very scary! The graphics are quite nice and the atmosphere is terrifying. 

Great job.

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I was definitely happy to play this game, thank you folks for making it! Much love <3

i got stuck at one part of the game and didnt know where to go  from there if you decide to watch the video youll see where i got stuck at... lol

Thanks for the playthrough. Well... 1/4 of one. Lol If you try this again use a candle and walk straight into the dark to find your way to the next area. I'll have to make that more clear, I suppose.

lol that would be somewhat helpful but either way it was fun :D


Pretty kick-ass atmosphere you have here! There isn't a lot in terms of gameplay to talk about, besides the fact I really wish you could hold two objects at once, and the level design is pretty minimal. Though as this is a jam title, I can't really hold those things against the game. You absolutely nailed the horror and suspense that so many games strive for and it was refreshing to play an indie horror game that focused on that over jumpscares. Really well done, especially considering your time constraints! Detailed feedback at the end of the vid!


Best playthrough yet! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm taking your feedback and plan to update this game and utilize it heavily on a sequel I want to do.

I did enjoy my playthrough of this game the sound effects am good and so am the graphics.

this is my playthrough:

Where did that witch go? :O

The ending took my breath away... literally... and the feeling of dread that something was going to happen was there the entire time! Great Job!

This is really well done. Love the graphics and very spooky atmosphere

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