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So much creep.

More much please. ;P

It was definitely something lol. The atmosphere was tense, but no real monster or real scares, so can't give it too much praise but here ya go ppl of the net! 

Never been so afraid of a book in ma life.. My body was moist after this one XD

This game was a great little taste of the potential of its developer. The atmosphere, the sounds, the scares everything was well thought out and paced. Especially considering this was made in a game jam. This was a really fun little horror game and  I can't wait to see what other things this developer makes in the future. 

Pretty solid for a short game jam. I dig that you livestream all the development too. I felt like it was a little padded out at times with the distance between objectives (mainly because you couldn't run). The spooky hints leading up to the finale were well done. My favorite thing (which wasn't even related to the story) was the physics while holding objects. Being able to fling things around or spin them was just very entertaining and rarely seen in indie games. I filmed a bit of my time with it and put it together if anyone is interested in hearing more. Best of luck with your future projects!

I liked the atmosphere and graphics look nice.

Sorry for skipping the story, I didn't know I had to read the books,  my bad


Hey there, I just recently played through your game and wanted to write up a short review here sharing my thoughts on it. I'll just go over some things I liked, some things I didn't and any bugs I might have run into.

I'll start with what I liked. The game looks pretty good, the textures are sharp and the lighting is fairly well done, the character model for the witch is creepy though a little odd looking in terms of quality. The sound design is very well put together, the laughing and cackling of the witch echoing throughout the caves was incredibly unnerving especially as you get further and further in and the sounds used at specific trigger points sent shivers down my spine at times. The atmosphere of the game is constructed well, at first it leads you in with this somewhat bright open area and then later showers you in pure darkness shortly after showing you the witch, the game is definitely spooky and the atmosphere and the way things are presented/structured plays a big role in that.

I'll now go over some things I didn't like. The controls felt clunky and unintuitive at times, this was mostly in regards to reading the journals, as shown in the beginning of my video I had somewhat of a hard time figuring out how to actually keep them open. Another thing that I didn't really like was how the progression of "rooms" was pretty well identical every time; get a scare of some sort, find a key, open door, repeat, it isn't really that bad and I can't fault it too much considering the game was made in 7 days, I just found it tedious. Lastly, I didn't like how I could only carry one item at a time, now just because I didn't like doesn't mean this is actually a bad idea, being forced to take a key back through darkness to open a door is interesting and would have been the perfect opportunity to really scare the player.

Happy to report that I didn't run into any game breaking bugs throughout my time with the game.

Overall it was a pretty good experience, visuals, sound and atmosphere are all on an above standard level. Controls at times were a bit spotty, and some of the level design choices were a bit tedious, but all in all it was a pretty good game, with some decent spooks.

Hope you don't mind but I made a let's play video of my time with the game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you,


Fun game, pretty scary. 

Witches get a bad rep in horror. Everyone is trying to subvert them - but every now and then, someone makes the classic tropes work, proving they are classic for a reason.

Isabelle was an awesomely spooky little experience (the floating skulls bit in particular got me good). Might make for a good concept for a bigger game, considering all teh crazy things witches are known for doing.

I played it here among a ton of other games for my big Halloween event - find your time code in the video description! And thank you kindly for the experience!

Absolutely loved the atmosphere you should make this into a full indie game!  

find the key for this game

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Gotta say I loved this demo! the subtle spooks were great and i can't wait for the whole game!

Your game starts at 10:10 P.s I want to be a witch

this game was a great time and genuinely made me anxious, definitely looking forward to more! 

P.s sorry bout the thumbnail haha

Few good jumpscares & spooks ;)

A really well made horror game. The Visual is so cool to look at. The atmosphere in the game is just fitting it's theme. Dark, cold tunnels only light up with candle lights, perfect. 

The story is good. Gives you that creepy feeling the futher you get into the game and start to discover things and what is going on. The controls themselfs was a bit tricky to understand at first, but once you got use to them they are fine. 

The only probem I felt is the candels themselfs. The light from the candels didn't do much in the dark areas when you brought it with you. It felt I almost could leave it for the most part, but they are necessary for the game as you say. 

A good horror game with only 7 days of work to it. Good job. :)

I really enjoyed the narrative and, atmospheric game you made. The suspense built up nicely! I really thought 2 things were going to happen. One of which was running away from Isabelle in a survival horror type game. Two the use of the candle playing a way bigger role in your game as, it was mentioned with big emphasis that a candle would be needed. The one part kind of required it to really set the tone of the one scene. Not sure if the candle is required or not? I'm actually really glad this wasn't a survival horror game. Like I mentioned you did a great job with the story and, keeping the player hooked from start to finish. I really drug out your short game by making sure a candle was in my hand whenever possible! :P

Hello there. Here is part 2 of my gameplay of Isabelle. Please support my channel. Thank you.

Shes waiting for you! Explore the cave to find out what happened to the girl known as ISABELLE. Join Dan on this adventure to see what really happened to ISABELLE...

Check out more vids here!

Gave it a go...

That actually made me feel so uncomfortable! If you combine those deep and eerie sound effects with some sweet jumpscares it'll be even more awesome!Thank you for making this XD
This is my reaction video, hope you enjoy > >


Hello there. This game was very interesting and the concept behind it is quite good so far. However, there were a few issues that I would like to talk about.

For me, the picking up of items and using the items were quite difficult as you can see in my video where I had a section at which I cannot pick up items properly for a whole 3 mins or so but if it is only me then you can ignore this.

I felt that the story can be slightly more developed, maybe with visual images or short flashes of the event when Isabelle was killed and resurrected (SPOILER). I feel that that will further enhance the horror element in the game and provide more information on how Isabelle looked like and act like.

I also feel that maybe more horror parts can be added in the game as for me, I do not really get scared easily and out of the entire game, I felt that only the last part where I am about to get out, suddenly someone is pulling me (SPOILER) away from the exit and it was a witch. That was the only part that left a deep impression on me in the game but it was a very good job in the ending of Isabelle.

Overall, I really like the concept of the game and I hope more information about Isabelle can be shown or maybe add a few more books with slighly more detailed explaination on the event. Hope the game Isabelle can become better and more detailed in the future :). Good Luck!

Here is Part 1 of my gameplay of Isabelle. Please support my channel and thank you so much for developing the game.

Creepy Spooky Game! I loved it! Nice and short too :D

Isabelle is the first game in this video! :P


This is a really cool and spooky game! The dark and eerie cave adds to the overall atmosphere!

I was very, very impressed by Isabelle. The slow, burning buildup of fear was phenomenal. The end could of "hit" harder but overall I would recommend Isabelle for anyone.

This game is very scary and has unexpected jumpscares that will make you jump. I like the story of Isabelle and the cave is a great setting for a horror game. It’s so dark, even with the help of candlelight, so I sometimes miss keys and books on the ground. Also, when reading the books, they would go through the table or the candle. Other than that, this is a great game and I love to play it after it is finished.

Deleted 3 years ago

Very cool game! 


Very creepy but very cool, I like the idea alot, I think there's something so forbidden and "scary" about not only witchcraft but the fact that she's the daughter of someone in high power. I think this could be made into a full game and maybe more of a mind game where the witch is playing tricks on him while he's in her lair (and it sounds like she's been down here for quite some time, I think we should have seen it be a little more "homey" as homey as a witch would make it) I would have really liked to see more definition between the cave tunnels, and more areas that seemed like you were going in circles since that's what the notes were telling us (that the men felt like they were going in circles) that also makes me feel like we should never have seen a "doorway" out, maybe that was a mind game/trick for her to catch us, but I would have loved some more darkness in this game, but I still had fun and some good scares while playing it! I hope you do more with this game and I can't wait to see what you do next! 

This was a very cool, and creepy game.  You have already commented on this video, and thank you very for doing that.  I would say that this game is very simple.  That's not a bad thing.  The story is very interesting, and the atomsphere adds a lot to the suspense.  Adding suspense, and tension well showing little hits and strange events that keep you on edge of your seat.  This makes the scares so much more effective, and I really applaud what you created with this game.  

I enjoyed this game. It was atmospheric, and had an interesting story. I just wish I didn't have to drop the candle when I got a key and then go back for it. other than that, great game :D

I played the 3 game isabelle,baleful,madison:

i hope you enjoyed the gameplay:

I played this game a few days ago and forgot to post it here. This game was awesome. I enjoyed playing it for this month of Halloween. Hope to see more in the future

Not bad to say it was made by one person in a few days! Good job!

Thank you for the game. I really admired the high quality visuals and lightning but was confused about what was going on tbh. Totally forgivable since it was only made in a week. Here is my playthrough on Twitch.

Not a bad game. I for one was scared the whole time!! I like the story i just wish there was a little more to it than going fr start to finish. But otherwise a good game. Well done.

Isabelle sends her love. Hopefully we will get to visit with her again...soon. 



I gave it a play. It was not bad. Personally i found the spooks slightly lacking, but that is probably just me, being me.

While I, personally, remain unaffected by the spooks in Isabelle, I still find it to be a solid piece of work and could easily recommend it to anyone getting into horror games. The dark solitude felt while wandering alone in a strange place is presented well through the sparse lighting of the cave and the ambient sounds heard throughout. Some of the spooky moments, while a bit predictable, were well done in terms of timing and animation quality. Overall, this was very well done for something done in a week, and I could see it easily made into something more given some time. 

Good job, dev.

Was a good time! I enjoyed it ! opening and holding the books was a tad weird but still good! 

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